How is RxPLORE handling COVID-19?

Pitt Pharmacy's summer camp for prospective PharmD students

“At PittPharmacy, we are committed to doing our part to  keep flattening the curve so we can defeat the virus this summer. We will be hosting RxPLORE in a whole new way.  While you will not be on Pitt’s campus, you will be learning with others about great career opportunities available to you once you earn your PharmD degree.” 

Dean Kroboth

The RxPLORATION Toolkit- Powered by PittPharmacy 

Although our camp will be held virtually, RxPLORE is determined to provide campers with the best experience possible! That is why we created the RxPLORATION Toolkit- Powered by PittPharmacy. The kit will be delivered to all campers and includes the resources you need to participate in our exciting new virtual version of RxPLORE!

The kit includes:

  • An introduction to RxPLORE Virtual
  • A detailed schedule of the curriculum 
  • Materials for at-home activities
  • Fun surprises!